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We create smart building platforms. We analyse, design, install and bring it all together into one intuitive pane of glass. Our solutions connect and communicate with all systems, devices and applications, allowing you to make more accurate, data-driven decisions, giving greater control over your resources. The result? Improved energy and operating efficiency and a building environment that’s smarter, greener and healthier.

Going Beyond Lighting

Drawing on our global reputation for smart lighting solutions, we quickly developed into customized smart building solutions because all building systems work best when they work together. You’ll find our solutions in a 200 unit custom high-rise condo building in Naples, a global manufacturing facility visited by President Trump, to a major sports arena and more. As the future needs of buildings systems advance, so will our capabilities.

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Designing smart building connectivity begins with a personal connection. We’ll discuss your goals, budget and timeline, and take it from there.