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Advancing Society by Innovating its Connection to Technology & Energy

Since 2011, Future Energy has been delivering unique, innovative, and strategic technology solutions to businesses across various industries, from healthcare systems to automotive dealerships within the United States and Canada. We collaborate with our clients to design new, connected-technology systems that seamlessly integrate their business, devices, and energy to improve operations and support their customer experiences and profitability. By centralizing their system data and controls, we enable them to make informed decisions to manage their business and ascend to new levels.

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Reaching Beyond Electricity

Energy is what powers businesses to perform. It’s used to perform processes, make decisions, power equipment, and more. Beyond what we know as fuel sources like electricity or gasoline, Future Energy strives to bring new capabilities for businesses to do more with all the energy they utilize.

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Business is Built on Connections

Connections are essential to running any business. Through the connection of staff, customers, software, partnerships, ideas, and beliefs, businesses thrive. New technologies bring new opportunities for businesses to develop better connections to their energy, equipment, and processes to accomplish more.

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Data Fuels Better Decisions

New technologies provide new data opportunities, providing insights into elements of business that were never accessible before. Technology, equipment, and energy data provide new perspectives that enhance our business intelligence to shape better decision-making for our activities, behaviors, and processes.

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Every Business is Unique

Each business has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Everything we do is carefully crafted around the unique conditions of the businesses we partner with. Our services and software are tailored to deliver the highest value and support their integration journey from start to finish so they can focus on their business.

Our mission is to provide simple, complete solutions utilizing progressive insights, technologies, and software with an exceptional experience.

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Improve Decisions and Processes

Lacking access to data can hinder a business’ ability to make better, informed decisions. Our team designs every connected-technology system to bring the valuable insights our clients need to improve decision-making, processes, and energy and equipment management.

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Control Energy, Equipment and Profits

Our solutions make it easier for our clients to operate profitably. With our advanced Interface software platform features, client success support, and built-in energy management strategies, we support businesses to increase sales, improve efficiencies, and control energy costs.


Elevate Brand Perception

Customers and employees are drawn to businesses that support their needs and show they care. We consider the experiences of patrons and staff with their access to supporting technologies, safety, and maintained equipment and make it possible for businesses to track their carbon-reduction efforts successfully.

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Maximize the Potential Value

Everything we do aims to increase the capabilities and intelligence of our client businesses. We align with their goals to ensure that what we deliver exceeds their expectations and brings value in return for what they do. Our client’s success is our priority, producing tangible results for today and tomorrow.

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Our Culture

Future Energy truly believes that business is built on connections. Our connections to each other, our individual talents, our clients, and our work bring us closer together to accomplish more. We are a collaborative and passionate team with experts from various industries, guided by our dedication to our values and mission – improving the world through technology, data, and energy.


We deliver our passion, leadership, and knowledge with high-level solutions to our clients.


Seeking new opportunities and taking risk while being resourceful.


We pledge to bring the most innovative technology solutions to our clients.


Fueled by our relentless dedication, we know there is no limit to our growth and success.


Engrained into our core, we operate with integrity, transparency, and loyalty.


To us, business is all about the solid relationships we build with our clients and team members.