Solving the EV, Technology, & Energy Challenges Across Key Industries

Future Energy specializes in providing comprehensive strategies for a diverse range of industries to address their distinctive challenges stemming from the integration of electric vehicle charging, innovative energy solutions, vehicle management, lighting systems, and other interconnected technology into their operations. Our unique approach involves close collaboration and alignment with key stakeholders to address crucial aspects such as customer experience, business intelligence, and operational requirements. Our partnership leads to the development of standards and programs tailored to meet the specific challenges, regardless of the scale or complexity.

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Solve the Business Challenges of an EV Future

For automotive dealerships, incorporating EV charging and inventory into their business requires infrastructure and process changes that directly impact sales and customer satisfaction. Future Energy is helping thousands of dealerships build businesses strategies and manage their EV charging and inventory with our complete, scalable solution that provides the data and automation needed to proactively address these new challenges.

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It’s Time to Evolve Your Brand for EV Travelers

With the rapid increase in production and consumer adoption of electric vehicles, hotels face new challenges to provide an integrated experience for their guests or risk getting left behind. EV-driving guests are looking to the hospitality industry to provide EV charging destinations along their travel routes or for extended stays. They gravitate toward simple, integrated charger booking with their room reservations.

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Infographic: EV Fleet
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Adapt Your Fleet to a Greener Business Landscape

The momentum to move transportation into an electrified future poses challenges and opportunities for fleet businesses. Meeting governmental requirements, the proactive planning needed to address the long utility power upgrade lead times, and the complex and costly power infrastructure requirements are applying pressure across the industry. Future Energy provides every solution that fleet businesses need to move confidently forward.

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Support Progressive Staff & Visitors with an Electrified Experience

The growing adoption of consumer electric vehicles presents a unique opportunity for healthcare facilities and systems to take the lead in offering EV charging solutions for their staff, patients, and visitors. Outdated lighting fixtures not only compromise energy efficiency but also fail to deliver the quality of lighting essential for creating a comforting and welcoming environment. Future Energy offers strategic, comprehensive, data-driven solutions to address the EV charging and lighting challenges within the healthcare industry.

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