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The Value We Provide

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Calculate & Identify Equipment Needs​

With all the unknowns, it can be hard to know where to start when determining equipment requirements. We work with clients to collect their business operations and process information, which is used to calculate their equipment requirements and identify the types and quantities of equipment they need.​

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Learn About the Business Impacts​

Many clients don’t know the operational, brand, process or management changes and challenges their business will face as they adopt and integrate connected technology systems. We educate clients about these potential challenges and the requirements, software, and strategies available to address them.​

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Project the Energy Impacts & Cost​

Utilizing integrated equipment will likely raise the energy use and costs for businesses, but by how much? We use the specifications from the equipment we propose to calculate the projected energy use and costs after a business begins using them and educate their team on energy management software and strategies to reduce expenses.​

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Design a Site Plan Around Processes​

Choosing the best installation locations for connected technology equipment is an important decision. We collaborate with clients to create a site design that determines the best placement of their integrated equipment to accommodate their processes, reduce construction and installation costs, meet technical requirements, and more.​

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Identify Installation Requirements​

Most contractors don’t know what integrated equipment requires to operate correctly. Our team uses equipment specifications to determine the business’ power requirements needed to fully operate their proposed connected equipment such as kW demand, electrical panel expansion, power delivery materials, and more.​

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Estimate Installation Costs & Timeline​

Chasing down answers and putting the puzzle together yourself can be risky if you don’t have all the answers. We provide estimated lead times and costs for project equipment, construction, material and utility service upgrade needs, and work with our specialized installation partners to perform on-site inspections.​

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Determine the Utility Service Needs​

Most businesses never have to request an upgrade to their utility service, but some integrated equipment requires industrial-grade power. We identify the basic requirements for utility service power needed to fully operate the new connected technology equipment after installation, such as upgrading your service to 480v 3-phase power.​

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Identify Financial Assistance Programs​

Connected technology projects can be a large investment. Utility companies and governments offer financial assistance, but they are hard to find. We identify all available financial assistance programs and match project specs with all potential applicable programs that could provide funding.​

The Standards We Follow


Multi-Disciplined Development​

Insight consulting services are designed by industry veterans from business consulting, IoT, electrical construction, utility, and other industries to bring a holistic approach to our analysis and reporting practices.​


Business-First Approach​

Our client’s brand, processes, and profits are priority when working together. Insight services are purposefully designed to ensure that connected technologies and the plans we develop support core business elements.​


Combining Art & Science​

All Insight services leverage science, engineering and mathematics. We balance this approach with our experience, best judgement, and creativity to determine the solutions needed to address our client’s challenges.​

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