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The momentum to move transportation into an electrified future poses challenges and opportunities for fleet businesses. Meeting governmental requirements, the proactive planning needed to address the long utility power upgrade lead times, and the complex and costly power infrastructure requirements are applying pressure across the industry. Future Energy provides every solution that fleet businesses need to move confidently move forward.

Fleet Business Challenges

Changing the management mindset

  • Managing an EV fleet requires a complete change in the refueling process duration, from minutes to hours, causing range anxiety for operators to think ahead when planning refueling schedules.
  • Our Interface platform helps your team monitor charge levels and proactively plan EV charging schedules.

Tracking fleet charge levels and scheduling

  • Monitoring EV fleet vehicle charge levels and locations is critical to planning recharging efforts.
  • Our Interface EV charging management platform helps ease the complexity by providing oversight of every vehicle on the road.

Infrastructure planning and financial support

  • Without the right planning and design, your business may be stuck paying the bill for the full power infrastructure and charging equipment investment.
  • We help fleet businesses build a comprehensive plan that meets financial assistance program requirements.

Managing EV charging energy costs

  • Energy load demand costs can skyrocket when using level 3 DCFC EV chargers to refuel your fleet, often up to thousands per month.
  • Our Interface software can help your business monitor and control energy use and costs automatically to raise your bottom line and lower your efforts.

Adequate power supply

  • Many fleet businesses aren’t aware of the utility power requirements they need to operate a level 3 DCFC EV charger.
  • Our team works with utility companies to upgrade the power supply to 480v 3 phase power or any other specification your equipment demands.

EV charger maintenance and repairs

  • Nothing quite adds to range anxiety like EV chargers are that aren’t operational to refuel your fleet, requiring more effort to coordinate the complete recharging of each fleet vehicle.
  • We provide remote monitoring of EV chargers using Interface EV charging platform to support proactive issue resolution.
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Let’s build a scalable, integrated strategy together.

Future Energy collaborates with businesses and brands at every scale to build the strategies, standards, and programs they need. Solve the complexities of technology integrations across entire business networks with consistent, measurable, and exceptional execution.

Let Us Guide Your EV Readiness Journey

Future Energy’s EV Solutions take your fleet business through the entire EV readiness journey with our 3-phase approach to get your business EV-integrated.

Ready to transform your fleet?

Discover the opportunities of a strategically designed EV integrated fleet operation for your business with our team.

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Our team of electric fleet consultants is here to assist you in identifying and addressing the business challenges associated with EV charging that impact every aspect of your fleet operations.

  • Business operations and process changes
  • Meeting dealership brand EV requirements
  • Learn about managing EV inventory
  • Reducing EV charger installation costs
  • Preparing for utility service upgrades
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Future Energy’s EV Planning Services

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Assess and Define Business Requirements

Identifying the appropriate EV chargers, their quantities, and the best installation locations is crucial for optimizing recharging operations within your fleet business. We collaborate closely with your on-site staff, gathering operational data to assess your equipment requirements accurately. This ensures that you acquire the right types and quantities of chargers essential for the success of your fleet.

Icon Insight Tier 3 Calculate Identify

Gain Insights into Business Implications

Our team of electric fleet experts partners with your team to provide valuable insights into the changes and challenges your business may encounter when transitioning to an electric fleet. Our role is to educate clients about these challenges and inform them about the necessary software, strategies, and prerequisites to navigate this transformative journey effectively.

Icon Insight Tier 3 Energy Impacts

Planning EV Charging Infrastructure

We assist your team in designing an optimal site plan for your fleet operations, making the recharging process more manageable for both staff and drivers. We work closely with clients to create site plans that ensure the strategic placement of EV charging equipment, aligning with operational requirements, minimizing construction costs, and meeting technical prerequisites, among other considerations.


Comprehensive Construction Services

Proper installation of EV charging equipment often requires specialized expertise that many contractors lack. Our team utilizes equipment specifications to determine the exact power requirements for seamless operation. We consider factors such as kW demand, electrical panel expansion, power delivery components, and more to guarantee the efficient setup of EV chargers at your facility.

Icon Insight Tier 3 Identify Financial

Access Financial Support for EV Charging

Undertaking EV charging projects can represent a significant investment. We specialize in uncovering financial assistance programs offered by utility companies and government entities. Our expertise lies in aligning project specifications with relevant programs, thereby maximizing your chances of securing funding for your EV charging initiatives within your fleet business.

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Prepare for Utility Service Upgrades

The transition to an electrified fleet often necessitates substantial utility service upgrades. While such requests are relatively rare for most businesses, we pinpoint the essential power requirements for optimal post-installation operation. This includes potential upgrades to industrial-grade power, such as 480V 3-phase systems, to ensure the seamless integration of your new equipment at your facility.

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Installation Header Image

We help fleet businesses get their EV chargers installed and integrated with oversight from our experienced team of EV experts who navigate the construction complexities to reduce costs and get it done right the first time.

  • Meet electrical and construction requirements
  • Proper EV charger installation and activation
  • Get utility service upgrades to use level 3 EV chargers
  • Future-proof design considerations
  • Help qualifying to receive financial assistance
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Future Energy’s EV Charger Installation Service

Future Energy Integration Icon

Tailored Project Standards

Our custom Future Energy Design Standard ensures quality and aligns with each client’s unique requirements, encompassing business processes, branding, data integration, and management needs.


Future-Ready Design

Our site design and engineering services cater to EV charging equipment specifications, providing sufficient power and flexibility for future expansions and minimizing unnecessary construction and installation costs.


Quality Assurance in Construction & Installation

We safeguard fleet business interests by overseeing equipment procurement, construction, installation, and activation, ensuring a seamless project execution.


Streamlined Utility Service Upgrades

Our utility specialists handle engineered drawings, riser diagrams, permits, and load letters, facilitating necessary service upgrades, including 480v 3-phase power for Level 3 EV charging.


Comprehensive Construction Services

We deliver construction and electrical services to adapt your facility, systems, and property for the successful installation and operation of EV charging equipment.


Efficient Equipment Installation and Activation

We professionally install, network, and activate all new EV charging equipment, ensuring seamless project completion and operational readiness.

Project Equipment


Qualified Manufacturers

We are partnered with the leading manufacturers charging the next generation of mobility. Equipment packages include level 2 and 3 EV chargers, accessories and cable management, product warranties, and cloud network plans.


Integrated EV Charging Solutions

All EV chargers seamlessly integrate with the Interface and IoT platform, optimizing operations by allowing connection to other fleet management systems and lowering operating costs charges.

Management Header Image

After EV chargers are installed and operational, we provide the services and software needed to keep them running smoothly to support your electrified fleet.

  • Oversee fleet EV charge level and locations
  • Monitor EV charger status and health
  • Manage EV charger energy use
  • Proactively repair or replace EV chargers
  • Proactive equipment maintenance inspections
  • Control utility electricity costs
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Future Energy Interface

The Connected Platform for Smarter Business

Future Energy’s Interface cloud software platform offers a unified dashboard to monitor and optimize energy, equipment, and processes. Streamlined data analytics, management, and automation enhance energy efficiency, EV charging control, vehicle management, and smart device commands, elevating decision-making and fleet business processes. Interface provides alerts, notifications, and seamless integration with various business systems, centralizing data and controls.

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Future Energy Interface UI

Interface Solutions

Future Energy Interface Solutions Icon

Focus On Your Business

Managing energy use and equipment is an impractical task for business staff due to the investment of time and effort it requires. Interface automates the complex equipment controls, alerts, and data access needed to control energy and perform processes, allowing clients to focus on running their business, not their connected equipment.

Future Energy Interface Icon

Connect Other Data & Control Systems

Integrations with Interface are limitless. It can connect to virtually any business system, such as an ERP, BIP, BMS, POS, inventory management, fleet management, and CRM to keep our client’s equipment and energy running smoothly. The connection of Interface and other business data brings more possibilities with process streamlining and reporting.

Future Energy Interface Icon

Get Insights & Data Visualization

Business intelligence is a critical element to sustaining a competitive business by identifying new opportunities. Interface provides live data visualization, analytics, reporting, and alerts for far more than just energy. Clients can access equipment usage, errors, maintenance information, EV charging revenue and costs, and more across all their properties within a single screen.

Future Energy Interface Solutions Icon

Improved Business Decision-Making

Without access to data, decision-making for businesses can become a risk. Interface give our clients deep insights into energy and operational performance with real-time data analytics across all their locations to make better decisions on how to improve processes and when to take action. Afterall, you can’t manage what you don’t measure


Manage a Single or Multiple Properties

Interface is built to support any scale business from a single location to thousands of sites across the globe. Clients gain the ability to utilize platform features by site regions and groups to easily visualize and control their energy, equipment, and other operations.

Future Energy Standards Gain Proactive Maintenance Icon

Make Maintenance Proactive

Maintenance and support tools help your team identify needs, both live and proactively, and access warranty data. Our client success team is there for you too to help you quickly coordinate maintenance solutions and get you back to operational.


Expert Technical Support

With an Interface subscription, clients have access to live Client Success experts to setup and support equipment, automations, and alerts. They serve as an extension of your team, helping manage the new complexities within your business.


Keep Your Network Independent

We connect on-site intelligent equipment to the Interface cloud platform by installing an independent network on each client property to keep business networks isolated, secure and manageable for business IT staff.

Future Energy Charging Management platform

EV Charging Management

Improve charging control and reduce energy costs.

Interface’s EV Charging Management system provides our client’s businesses the controls and automation to limit EV charger energy output and their property’s total energy use to reduce energy costs. Interface also provides the charger use, cost, profit, status, and other data to make public charging more profitable, see proactive maintenance needs, and coordinate charging use for inventory vehicle and fleet management processes. Our expert team will set up EV chargers and automations during installation so our clients can utilize the full value of Interface when their service begins.

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Vehicle Management

Locate business vehicles and monitor their electric charge and petroleum fuel levels.

Interface’s Vehicle Management system connects your vehicles to access telematics, locations, battery-charge and petroleum-fuel levels, and refueling history. We place onboard devices in dealership inventory and fleet vehicles to collect and display their location and fuel data to provide our clients with a dashboard to find vehicles quickly and maintain fuel levels proactively.

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Future Energy Vehicle Management platform
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Software with a Human Touch

Behind every Interface software subscription is a dedicated client success representative that monitors your data to provide proactive maintenance support, automation development, utility service negotiations and other cost-saving strategies.

Call center client success rep
Inspect Header Image

Proactive On-Site System Inspections

Ensure optimal equipment performance with our professional multi-point inspections. Our Inspect service team conducts regular site inspections of your installed EV charging systems, meticulously examining over a hundred key points. We assess wear-and-tear, corrosion, seal and wire integrity, electrical components, and power delivery. You’ll receive an inspection report detailing any maintenance or repair needs, backed by priority customer support for hardware and maintenance issues between inspections.

Future Energy Inspector with clipboard
Future Energy Icons Smart Energy System On-Site Inspection The Expertise to Provide Solutions

Expert Solutions at Your Fingertips

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of all aspects of EV charging systems, including equipment, accessories, warranties, software, networks, and the Interface platform. This expertise enables us to swiftly resolve system issues, allowing your team to focus on their core responsibilities.

Future Energy Icon: Smart Energy System On-Site Inspection Maximize Equipment Uptime

Optimize Equipment Uptime

Maintaining operational equipment is vital for business functions and meeting financial assistance program requirements. We provide 24/7 monitoring of your system and equipment through the Interface software. Coupled with proactive site inspections, we promptly address issues to ensure compliance with business and financial program prerequisites.

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