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Construction / Installation / Networking

Future Energy’s Integration team provides clients with the engineering, construction, installation, and activation services they need to get their networked equipment fully operational, including coordinating any utility service upgrades. We oversee the quality of our specialized installation services from start to finish and uphold the infrastructure requirements for high-powered technologies like EV charging, lighting, and other intelligent equipment so clients can successfully integrate their connected technology equipment into their business systems and processes.

Integration Smart Energy System Install

Connected Technology System Installation

Equipment installation for full connectivity, operability and future expansion.

We provide clients the specialized, full-service connected technology installation services to meet the specifications of their networked equipment and deliver the adequate power to each device with the ability to add future connected equipment. Our quality assurance oversight service ensures construction and installation is performed correctly and everything is fully operational when our team is done.

Connected Technology System Installation Features


Construction & Installation Quality Assurance Service

We look out for our client’s business interests by managing all equipment procurement, construction, installation and activation activity required for the project.


Identify Conflicting Underground Utility Locations

We identify other conflicting underground utilities, such as gas or water lines, in our electrical construction plans to mitigate surprise costs during the construction process.


Cellular Strength & Historical Energy Use Reporting

We test and report on cellular connectivity and historical energy use to allow proper connection of client equipment to the network and determine the needs for electrical capacity upgrades.


Infrastructure Design & Engineering

We provide site design and engineering services for our client’s infrastructure to the specifications of their integrated equipment to deliver the adequate amount of power to each device and accommodate future expansion needs.


Construction Permitting

We meet the qualifications to gather, compile and complete all applicable permits for our client’s jurisdiction and the power required for construction and installation of the project.


Equipment & Materials

Our team obtains all construction and electrical equipment, materials, and other items required for the installation and operation of the integrated equipment throughout every phase of the project.


Utility 480v Service Upgrade Coordination

Our infrastructure specialists produce engineered drawings, riser diagrams, obtain permitting and complete load letters to apply for any necessary service upgrades, including 480v 3-phase power (required for level 3 EV charging).


Financial Incentive Application Submission

Our financial incentive specialists will research, identify, complete and submit applications for any EV financial assistance programs and rebates that may apply to our client’s project.


Construction Services

We perform construction and electrical services required to modify our client’s facility, systems and property to prepare for installation and operation of integrated equipment and other hardware within the project.


Utility Service Upgrade Connections

We connect our client’s property’s new power infrastructure to the new additional service lines, breakers, switch gears, and meters to complete the upgrade of the process of a utility service upgrade.


Equipment Installation & Activation

We install, network, and activate all new connected equipment within our client’s facility, systems and property to complete the project and operation of its components.


Equipment Operations Report

We commission and activate all installed integrated equipment and verify the proper power delivery and operability before completing the project, and our expert team will detect if any of your equipment is not working properly.

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The Value We Provide


Full-Service Installation Solutions

We simplify our client’s entire connected technology journey by offering complete, full-service solutions. Our team handles all paperwork, engineering, materials, utility upgrades, financial assistance applications, coordination and management associated for our projects, so clients don’t have to.


Service Quality Assurance

Most clients have never installed a connected technology system into their property before, and don’t know what to look for. Our expert team knows how to measure project success on every level throughout the process, and manages all aspects of its services, equipment, and software connections to guarantee a consistent, quality outcome.

FE_Icons_Integration_Solutions_Utility Service_Upgrade_Support_Green

Utility Service Upgrade Support

One of the most critical elements of a connected technology system is supplying enough power to the property so it can properly function, and it can take over a year to get a utility service upgrade. We identify all utility service needs early in the project process and coordinate its completion to move client projects forward quickly.


Financial Assistance Applications

Finding the available financial assistance programs can be challenging, but determining which are qualified for a project is more difficult. Our financial assistance program experts identify all applicable funding available for client projects and process applications on their behalf to minimize net project expenses.


Specialized Installation Services

Installing connected technology systems is more complex than your average construction and installation project, and most contractors are not able to perform them properly. Our specialized construction and installation teams are highly-experienced in high-powered infrastructure and connected technology systems required to address the project specific challenges.

FE Icons Integration Solutions Connected Systems Management

Connected Systems for Management

Many clients don’t have the experience or the foresight to understand how a new connected technology system will affect their business. We connect all equipment to our Interface software platform to enable real-time data, management and automation of connected technologies and their energy use to improve the integration of our client’s new system and their existing business operations.

The Standards We Follow

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Financial Assistance Qualified

Our construction and labor is guaranteed to qualify for any applicable financial assistance programs, including prevailing wage labor rates, safety standards, power ratings, and EV charging infrastructure accommodations.


Designed for Now & the Future

Our site design and engineering services meet the specifications of integrated equipment to deliver the adequate amount of power to each device and to allow future equipment additions, thus avoiding unnecessary construction and installation expenses.

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Proprietary Project Standards

We customize our own Future Energy Design Standard for each of our clients to maintain a base level of quality and accommodate their businesses, processes, brand, data, system integration and management needs.

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Site Engineering Compliance

Our engineering team complies with all equipment and code standards and specifications as applicable to our client’s projects. This may include the National Electrical Code, IEC 61851, ISO 15118, SAE J1772, or other local, regional or national codes.

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