March 27, 2023
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Level 2 Versus Level 3 EV Chargers

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US will soon have access to a nationwide network of EV charging stations, a move that is part of an increasingly clear message from the Biden administration. In February 2023, the federal government released final rules about the distribution of $7.5 billion of federal funds for EV charging  … Read more

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EV being plugged in
Man looking at his watch leaning againts a car
EV Charging in parking lot
audience listing to Future Energy talk at NADA Show 2023
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House in the woods with EV parked in garage with level 2 ev charger
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Yes, @SamDiNello, CEO of Future Energy, drives an electric vehicle. His experience has been fascinating, fun, and would you believe…fowl?