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Connected Lighting for Smaller Carbon Footprints & Better Business Environments

Future Energy supports businesses to reduce environmental impacts and enhance workspaces and customer experiences through our connected lighting solutions. We provide turnkey LED lighting systems for all business spaces, catering to retrofitting and new construction projects, from recessed ceiling fixtures to outdoor pole lighting. We oversee quality assurance for entire projects, from planning and equipment selection to installation and ongoing management. All system lighting is connected to our Interface technology and business intelligence platform with automation, data insights, alerts, and efficient energy and utility reporting for improved operations.

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Comprehensive Planning

  • Developing a complete lighting plan for your facilities requires technical analysis of project requirements and analysis of your existing energy infrastructure.
  • Our team will perform a complete lighting plan that meets your business and construction goals with the right fixture selections.

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Outdating lighting fixtures consume a large quantity of energy resources, costing your business’s bottom line on utility expenses.
  • We design LED lighting systems with high energy efficiency and controls to reduce energy use and costs, including volume-based pricing.

Obtain Financial Assistance

  • Rebates for new construction and retrofitting from utility companies and government entities are difficult to acquire.
  • We will identify applicable financial assistance programs and design your new lighting system to comply with program requirements.

Lower Maintenance

  • Non-LED lighting fixtures require a significant amount of maintenance, including periodic bulb purchasing and fixture change-outs.
  • The LED lighting selections we procure solve the challenges of increased maintenance compared to incandescent and other lighting types.

Connected Control

  • Most business lighting is controlled locally in the environments in which they are installed and are difficult to automate and control.
  • Our Interface software platform connects your entire lighting system into a single location with automation settings, controls, and usage data.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Pre-LED lighting may provide comparable lumen levels for your facility but have vastly lower energy efficiency performance.
  • All lighting selections and configurations we design reduce your business’s carbon footprint compared to older lighting technology.
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Our lighting installation specialists perform complete installation project services and quality assurance oversight, navigating any construction complexities and leaving spaces as they were prior to construction.

  • Complete installation and commissioning services
  • Project quality assurance and oversight
  • Address electrical and construction requirements
  • Help qualifying to receive financial assistance
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Lighting Assessment

We conduct a thorough lighting assessment to define the lighting needs for business functionality, safety, and an ideal environment for both employees and customers.

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Photometric Study

Our precise photometric studies determine footcandle levels, meeting your project’s specific requirements and calculating the necessary fixtures to fulfill your lighting specifications.

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Infrastructure Inspection

Our site electrical infrastructure inspections help determine the power requirements for your fixture upgrades, confirming the suitability of voltage levels, including 208v and 480v power supplies.

Icon Insight Tier 3 Design

Site Design

Once we’ve established the business use-cases, we count fixtures and identify the required models and configurations to create your site plan, complete with key locations.

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Fixture Schedule

We align fixture schedules and prepare equipment submittal packages for site engineering, ensuring every detail conforms to your project requirements.


ROI & Energy Analysis

Our team provides a comprehensive report outlining the energy analysis, including ROI, cost savings, reductions in HVAC usage, and the impact on your carbon footprint, assuring the value of your project before implementation.

Icon Insight Tier 3 Identify Financial

Financial Assistance

We identify government and utility financial assistance programs, and we design your new lighting system to meet their program requirements – handling the completion and submission of applications.


We work with the industry-leading lighting fixture manufacturers to accommodate any project goals from custom designed fixtures to economic models.

Icon Lighting High Bay

High Bays

Designed for use in large spaces with high ceilings, providing efficient, concentrated illumination suitable for warehouses and industrial settings.

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Typically used in office environments, offering even and glare-free lighting, especially in suspended ceilings.

Icon Lighting Recessed

Recessed & Cans

Integrated into ceilings, creating a clean and unobtrusive lighting solution commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Icon Lighting Pole Lights

Pole Lights

Used for outdoor area lighting, such as parking lots and pathways, providing enhanced visibility and security.

Icon Lighting Strip Light

Strip Lights

Used for outdoor area lighting, such as parking lots and pathways, providing enhanced visibility and security.

Icon Lighting Flood Lights

Flood Lights

Powerful fixtures designed for wide-area illumination, often used in outdoor settings for security and sports field lighting.

Icon: Lighting Wall Packs

Wall Packs

Wall-mounted fixtures offering both functional and decorative lighting, suitable for homes, restaurants, and hotels.

Icon Lighting Emergency Lights

Emergency Lighting

Provide backup illumination during power outages or emergencies, ensuring safety and visibility in various settings.

Icon Lighting Architectural Lights

Architectural Lighting

Designed to highlight and enhance the aesthetics of buildings and structures, creating visually appealing and dynamic lighting effects.

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Installation Header Image

Our lighting installation specialists perform complete installation project services and quality assurance oversight, navigating any construction complexities and leaving spaces as they were prior to construction.

  • Complete installation and commissioning services
  • Project quality assurance and oversight
  • Address electrical and construction requirements
  • Help qualifying to receive financial assistance
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Full Service Install

We provide all installation services with project management and quality assurance oversight from fixture removal to commissioning and system testing.

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Attention to Detail

Our team leaves project spaces as they were prior to installation, removing all replaced fixtures with proper disposal and recycling of sensitive materials.

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Project Standards

Our custom Future Energy Design Standard ensures quality and aligns with each client’s unique requirements, encompassing business processes, branding, data integration, and management needs..

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Electrical Upgrades

We perform any panel upgrades or utility services adjustments between 208v and 480v power to accommodate the requirements of your complete lighting system project.

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Efficient Equipment Installation and Activation

We perform the networking and activate all new lighting fixtures to connect to our Interface software platform, ensuring seamless project completion and operational readiness for your team.

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After the installation and connection of the lighting system, we provide a complete LED lighting system solutions to integrate the control and automation throughout your facilities for your staff.

  • Centralized software automation and control
  • Multi-property system management
  • Staff training and documentation
  • Maintenance and inspection support services
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Future Energy Interface

Complete Lighting System Management & Automation.

Interface networked lighting controls enable businesses to connect, manage, measure, and automate other entire business lighting systems across one or more facilities. Gain lighting environment control of customer experiences and workspaces with the capability to connect with other business systems for deeper operational integrations.

Future Energy Interface UI
Future Energy Device Management dashboard

Utility Insights

Measure your energy use and meet your goals.

Utility Insights analyzes the usage and costs of electric, gas and water utilities to support energy and carbon offset goals and projects future use with goal-based performance alerts. Interface compares each property’s performance against each other or with national averages to track corporate green-energy initiatives across single or multi-location businesses.

  • Measure Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • Analyze Performance and Usage
  • Set and Track Targets
  • Compare Multi-Location Performance
  • ESG Applications

Business System Integrations

Connecting energy, equipment, and process data to essential business systems.

Our Interface cloud platform can connect with virtually any business system to create a seamless integration of our software’s value into our client’s current business operations. Our Interface development team evaluates client systems and their integration requirements, such as live data transfer and controls, to build and maintain a customized connection for their team.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence Platforms (BIP)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Inventory Management Platforms
  • Fleet Management Platforms
Business Systems Integrations
Future Energy Instruct

Lighting Systems Staff Training

We perform hands-on staff training to for maintenance and operations personnel and demonstrate the controls of their lighting systems using Interface and ensure a successful hand-off of your project.

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Expert Maintenance Support

Get proactive maintenance support with regular onsite system inspections and assistance with fixture warranty claims and repairs when you need it to keep your lighting system operational.

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