Empowering Businesses for a Smarter, Electrified Future

We offer end-to-end solutions from expert planning and equipment supply to specialized installation, connected business intelligent platforms, comprehensive training, and ongoing maintenance support. Unlock the potential of business-integrated smart technologies, data insights, and energy control.

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Future Energy Process Initiative

Explore the Opportunities of an Electrified Future for Your Business

Future Energy’s Initiative team helps build connected technology business strategies to determine the goals, challenges, possibilities, opportunities, and decisions to best integrate connected technology systems into their business and brand for both short-term and long-term success. We collaborate closely with business teams to develop standards for projects and programs of any scale or complexity, setup goals and reporting, and oversee the execution and quality of our solution from start to finish.

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Future Energy Insight Smart Energy Bus Plan Banner
Future Energy Process Insight

Design a Connected Technology Business Plan with our Expert Team​

Future Energy’s Insight team works with clients to build Connected Technology Business Plans that prepare them to integrate innovative technology and energy management into their business operations and processes. We analyze client’s businesses and determine their future needs by consulting with their team and collecting data to build a comprehensive report detailing the required equipment, site placement, energy requirements, and other valuable planning to move toward an energized future.

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Future Energy Infrastructure
Future Energy Process Infrastructure

Get the Networked Equipment to Power Your Project

Future Energy’s Infrastructure team helps clients obtain the networked equipment, accessories, warranties, and network connections they need to integrate energy management, EV charging, lighting, business intelligence, and other technologies for their projects. We have partnered with the leading equipment manufacturers across various industries to offer the most innovative and connected technologies with expedited lead times, competitive pricing, and a smooth experience to delivery to help businesses get everything they need for installation and management.

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Integration Smart Energy System Install
Future Energy Process Integration

Install Your Equipment the Right Way with our Specialized Team

Future Energy’s Integration team provides clients with the engineering, construction, installation, and activation services they need to fully operational their networked equipment, including coordinating any utility service upgrades. We oversee the quality of our specialized installation services from start to finish and uphold the infrastructure requirements for high-powered technologies like EV charging, lighting, and other equipment so clients can successfully integrate their networked equipment into their business systems and processes.

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Future Energy Interface UI
Future Energy Interface

The Connected Technology Platform for Smarter Business

Future Energy’s Interface is a cloud software platform for businesses that connects, measures, and controls networked equipment such as EV chargers, energy meters and breakers, lighting, and other devices. Interface makes it simple for clients to manage their vehicles and charging, control energy use, reduce expenses, automate processes, and make better business decisions – all with access to our expert team for live support to maximize the value of their business.

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Instruct Smart Energy System Training
Future Energy Process Instruct

Prepare Your Team with In-Depth Equipment and Operations Training

Future Energy’s Instruct team trains business teams on their new connected technology systems, software, and equipment, such as EV chargers and Interface software, to operate, manage, and maintain them by utilizing best practices. We offer virtual, on-site, and ongoing staff training service options so businesses can maximize equipment uptime, operate their equipment properly, and incorporate equipment use into their processes more effectively to get the most value from their new connected technology systems.

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Future Energy System On-Site Inspection
Future Energy Process Inspect

Keep Your System Equipment Running & Maintained

Future Energy’s Inspect team performs on-site inspections of networked equipment and remotely monitors their performance data using our Interface platform for businesses. We proactively identify equipment issues, offer live support to staff, help resolve equipment issues, and coordinate on-site maintenance support to maximize the business’ networked equipment uptime and simplify management for staff.

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