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Every industry and individual business will be impacted by new challenges as electric vehicles reshape the mobility landscape. Future Energy’s EV charging solutions are specifically designed to adapt to any business of virtually any complexity or scale. Our comprehensive approach starts with strategy and planning around your business challenges, brand, goals, processes, and customer experience. Together, we establish your EV charging standards and oversee our entire integration process, from planning and equipment selection to installation and ongoing management. Our innovative Interface EV charging and business intelligence platform simplifies management challenges with next-level equipment automation, data insights, alerts, and more.

Solving the EV Charging Challenges

Developing a Business Strategy

  • Successful integration of EV charging begins with understanding how it will impact both your business operations and brand experience.
  • We work closely with our clients to identify their unique challenges and opportunities, crafting tailored solutions for EV charging success.

Supporting Public Charging

  • Customers and employees expect more than just a charging plug.
  • To meet the comfort, safety, and experience demands of EV drivers, we offer a comprehensive EV charging environment, ChargeParcTM. This includes monitoring, lighting, and automated rate and profitability settings tailored to your business.

Designing and Executing a Plan

  • Installing EV charging equipment isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor.
  • Our team of consultants collaborates with your staff, gathering critical business data and educating your team. We create customized plans for each location, including charger selection, installation locations, power requirements, and more.

Maintaining Company Vehicle Charging

  • Whether your business sells, rents, or operates vehicles, managing EV charging poses new challenges.
  • To address the longer recharging times compared to gasoline refueling, our Interface software platform tracks vehicle locations, EV charge levels, and petroleum fuel levels, facilitating better management decisions.

Managing Energy and Utility Upgrades

  • Many businesses overlook the challenges of obtaining sufficient utility power and controlling energy costs with EV charging.
  • Our specialized team coordinates utility power upgrades and optimizes energy management automations. We monitor your property’s total load demand with our Interface system.

Obtaining Financial Support

  • Navigating the complex landscape of financial assistance programs can be time-consuming.
  • Our team identifies all applicable programs from utility and government entities that align with your project specifications. We design EV charging projects to meet program requirements and handle the application process on your behalf.

The Complete EV Charging Solution for Business

Integrating EV charging into your business requires more than just the chargers. Future Energy’s ChargeParcTM offers a comprehensive environment and suite of services, including construction, installation, hardware, networking, and software. Our solution sets industry standards for a seamless integration of EV charging into your business environment, operations, and customer experience, delivering value and efficient management with access to robust data analytics.

  • Automates and energy use
  • Monitors total property energy load
  • Access live maintenance support
  • Analyze business intelligence data
  • Set custom alerts and reports
  • Control energy costs and profitability
  • Track vehicle locations and fuel levels
  • Connectable to other business systems
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EV Charger Equipment

Level 2 and level 3 DCFC EV chargers including procurement, installation, and activation.

Smart Energy Charging Equipment Icon

Equipment Environment

Design and installation of signage, ergonomic considerations, displays, bollards, and other accessibility code compliance.


Vehicle Management

Monitor vehicle locations from anywhere with EV charge and petroleum fuel levels for inventory, fleet, or company vehicles.

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Energy Infrastructure

We design and install new panels, conduits, wiring, and other materials needed to power your project with future-proofing considerations.

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Interface Dashboard

Our software platform measures, monitors, manages, and automates connected chargers, devices, and energy use.

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Interface Cloud

Sends and receives data between Interface and any installed equipment and other business intelligence systems.

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Energy Devices

Interface connects to measure the power use within the entire property to optimize EV charger energy use.

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Support Devices

Lighting, video monitoring, and motion sensors for enhanced monitoring, parking enforcement, and security.


Utility Services

We coordinate utility service upgrades to support EV chargers and can report electric, gas, and water service use.

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The intelligent business platform for EV charging, vehicle, and energy management.

Future Energy’s Interface platform improves your business processes and supports an exceptional customer experience. Interface connects, measures, and controls equipment such as EV chargers, energy meters, lighting, and other devices. Interface makes it simple for clients to manage their vehicles and charging, control energy use, reduce expenses, automate processes, and make better business decisions – all with access to our expert team for live support to maximize the value of their business.

  • Equipment Automation, Control and Data
  • Custom Reporting and Alerts
  • Control Energy Costs Strategically
  • Access to Live Maintenance Support
  • Scalable, Multi-Location Management
  • Connects to Other Business Systems

EV Charging Management

Improve charging control and reduce energy costs.

Interface’s EV Charging Management system provides our client’s businesses the controls and automation to limit EV charger energy output and their property’s total energy use to reduce energy costs. Interface also provides the charger use, cost, profit, status, and other data to make public charging more profitable, see proactive maintenance needs, and coordinate charging use for inventory vehicle and fleet management processes. Our expert team will set up EV chargers and automations during installation so our clients can utilize the full value of Interface when their service begins.

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Vehicle Management

Locate business vehicles and monitor their electric charge and petroleum fuel levels.

Interface’s Vehicle Management system connects your vehicles to access telematics, locations, battery-charge and petroleum-fuel levels, and refueling history. We place onboard devices in dealership inventory and fleet vehicles to collect and display their location and fuel data to provide our clients with a dashboard to find vehicles quickly and maintain fuel levels proactively.

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Charge Your Business Forward with an Electrified Plan

Our Insight specialists consult and collaborate with your team and process their business data to build a complete, customized report. EV Impact StudyTM reports provide the equipment, installation, management, and available financial assistance programs needed to successfully create the EV charging system for our client’s business to meet their project goals.

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Our Complete EV Charging Journey

Future Energy’s EV Solutions take your business through the entire EV charging journey from start to finish with 3 simple steps to prepare for an electrified future.

Plan Step One
Install Step Two
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Solve the business challenges of an EV future.


Adapt your fleet to a greener business landscape.


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