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Connection / Visualization / Control

Future Energy’s Interface is a cloud software platform for businesses that connects, measures, and controls connected technology equipment such as EV chargers, energy meters, lighting, and other devices. Interface makes it simple for clients to manage their vehicles and charging, control energy-use, reduce expenses, automate processes, and make better business decisions – all with access to our expert team for live support to maximize the value of their business.

Future Energy Interface UI

Interface Platform

A single dashboard to measure and manage energy, equipment, and processes.

Future Energy’s Interface cloud software platform provides businesses of all sizes a simple way to access data analytics, management, and automation features across their entire organization. These features can be used to improve their energy-use, control EV charging, manage vehicles, and command lighting or other smart devices while providing higher capabilities to improve decision-making and business processes.

Interface can also provide alerts and notifications to company staff and connect to virtually any business system to centralize data and controls.

Build Your Business
Transformation Strategy

Connect with our experts to maximize the future of your business’s brand, processes, management, sales, employees, and more.

Interface Solutions

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Focus On Your Business

Managing energy use and equipment is an impractical task for business staff due to the investment of time and effort it requires. Interface automates the complex equipment controls, alerts, and data access needed to control energy and perform processes, allowing clients to focus on running their business, not their connected equipment.

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Connect Other Data & Control Systems

Integrations with Interface are limitless. It can connect to virtually any business system, such as an ERP, BIP, BMS, POS, inventory management, fleet management, and CRM to keep our client’s equipment and energy running smoothly. The connection of Interface and other business data brings more possibilities with process streamlining and reporting.

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Get Insights & Data Visualization

Business intelligence is a critical element to sustaining a competitive business by identifying new opportunities. Interface provides live data visualization, analytics, reporting, and alerts for far more than just energy. Clients can access equipment usage, errors, maintenance information, EV charging revenue and costs, and more across all their properties within a single screen.

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Improved Business Decision-Making

Without access to data, decision-making for businesses can become a risk. Interface give our clients deep insights into energy and operational performance with real-time data analytics across all their locations to make better decisions on how to improve processes and when to take action. Afterall, you can’t manage what you don’t measure

Interface Standards


Manage a Single or Multiple Properties

Interface is built to support any scale business from a single location to thousands of sites across the globe. Clients gain the ability to utilize platform features by site regions and groups to easily visualize and control their energy, equipment, and other operations.

Future Energy Standards Gain Proactive Maintenance Icon

Make Maintenance Proactive

Maintenance and support tools help your team identify needs, both live and proactively, and access warranty data. Our client success team is there for you too to help you quickly coordinate maintenance solutions and get you back to operational.


Expert Technical Support

With an Interface subscription, clients have access to live Client Success experts to setup and support equipment, automations, and alerts. They serve as an extension of your team, helping manage the new complexities within your business.

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Keep Your Network Independent

We connect on-site intelligent equipment to the Interface cloud platform by installing an independent network on each client property to keep business networks isolated, secure and manageable for business IT staff.

Energy Management

Reach business environmental, energy, and financial goals.

Interface’s Energy Management features monitor energy usage across an entire business’s locations or a single property, providing controls and automation for individual equipment and their energy usage, such as EV chargers. Clients also gain insights into their utility usage and costs, encompassing electric, gas, and water utilities, in order to support our clients’ carbon initiatives and other energy goals.

Future Energy Interface UI

Energy Management Features

Future Energy Interface Icon

Whole-Property Integrated Meter Monitoring

We connect smart meter devices to client electrical utility lines to measure their entire property’s energy use with our Interface platform.

Future Energy Solutions Smart Circuit Breaker Icon

Smart Circuit Breaker Connections & Control

Installing and connecting smart-breakers with Interface allows measurement of individual circuits to visualize energy flow through the property.

Future Energy Solutions Smart Energy Icon

Smart Equipment Energy Automation

Interface can connect to installed smart energy devices to collect energy and usage data with controls and automation of devices including, EV chargers, lighting, and more.

Future Energy Energy MGT Solutions Single+Multi-Property Icon

Single & Multi-Property Management

Interface monitors the energy use and equipment across one or multiple properties within our client’s businesses with live data visualization and management capabilities

Future Energy Energy MGT Solutions Icon

Electric, Natural Gas, & Water Utility Data

Our team imports historical utility use and cost data, sets targets and goals, and creates alerts for client teams for closer monitoring.

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Utility Insights & Site Comparison

Interface compares each property’s performance against each other or with national averages to track corporate green-energy initiatives across our client businesses.

Energy Management Value


Identify the Business Challenges

With energy technology, many businesses are left with many unforeseeable challenges. We work with businesses to learn about their energy and technology goals and their processes, operations, locations, systems, and other information to identify the challenges they will face with integrating energy into their business.


Explore the Business Opportunities

With new technologies and energy controls come new opportunities for businesses. We explore the options to solve their business challenges for both short- and long-term success while considering the impacts that different options will have on their brand, processes, management, sales, and more.


Build an Energy Strategy

Integrating energy technology into a business without a proper strategy can be costly and disastrous. We collaborate with businesses to develop their energy strategy outlining the decisions on how to best approach their program to meet their goals and address their challenges at every level that impacts their business.

Interface Platform Add-Ons

EV Charging Point

EV Charging Management

Controls and automation to limit EV charger energy output along with the property’s total energy-use. Get charger usage, cost, profit, status, and other data to make charging more profitable, receive proactive maintenance alerts, and coordinate charging use for inventory vehicle and fleet management processes.

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Icon Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

The Vehicle Management system connects your inventory and fleet vehicles to access telematics, locations, battery-charge and petroleum-fuel levels, refueling history and EV charging scheduling for customer vehicle prep and inventory management.

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Utility Meter

Utility Insights

Utility Insights analyzes the usage and costs of electric, gas and water utilities to support energy goals. Interface compares each property’s performance against each other or with national averages to track corporate green-energy initiatives across our client businesses.

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Future Energy Device Management dashboard

Utility Insights

Measure your energy use and meet your goals.

Utility Insights analyzes the usage and costs of electric, gas and water utilities to support energy and carbon offset goals and projects future use with goal-based performance alerts. Interface compares each property’s performance against each other or with national averages to track corporate green-energy initiatives across single or multi-location businesses.

  • Measure Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • Analyze Performance and Usage
  • Set and Track Targets
  • Compare Multi-Location Performance
  • ESG Applications

Device Management

Connected technology systems requirement more than high-powered equipment.

Interface Device Management features enable businesses to connect and automate other smart-technologies such as lighting and security devices. This enables our clients to monitor, manage, and maintain their networked equipment assets, customer experiences, and operational processes within spaces such as EV charging environments.

  • LED Smart Lighting
  • Video Surveillance
  • Motion Sensors
  • Other IoT Devices
Future Energy Device Management dashboard
Business Systems Integrations

Business System Integrations

Connecting energy, equipment, and process data to essential business systems.

Our Interface cloud platform can connect with virtually any business system to create a seamless integration of our software’s value into our client’s current business operations. Our Interface development team evaluates client systems and their integration requirements, such as live data transfer and controls, to build and maintain a customized connection for their team.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence Platforms (BIP)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Inventory Management Platforms
  • Fleet Management Platforms

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