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Electric vehicles are transforming the landscape of vehicle management for businesses. Unlike the mere minutes it takes to refuel gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles require hours to recharge. This shift presents unique challenges in maintaining vehicle fuel levels to ensure exceptional customer experiences and efficient fleet operations. Future Energy’s Interface platform is the solution that connects your business to the vital data required to optimize your vehicle processes. From preparing sold vehicles to route and refueling optimization, we provide a centralized, scalable dashboard for monitoring your vehicles anywhere. Access the data you need to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Addressing Modern Vehicle Management Challenges

Maintaining EV Charge & Fuel Levels

  • For businesses selling, renting, or operating vehicles, not having real-time location and fuel level data can hinder process efficiencies, especially with the longer EV charging times.
  • Our solution empowers better processes and decision-making by providing the data needed to proactively manage vehicle charge and fuel levels.

Supporting a Positive Customer Experience

  • Automotive dealerships and rental businesses rely on adequately charged inventory vehicles to ensure a positive customer experience upon vehicle pickup.
  • Interface’s vehicle management features enable your business to navigate extended EV charge times and deliver fully charged and refueled vehicles, boosting customer satisfaction.

Managing Fleet Refueling Operations

  • Range anxiety is not limited to consumers; fleet businesses now face the challenge of configuring routes and refueling practices to accommodate EV fleet vehicles.
  • Interface offers data, visualization, and connections to fleet platforms, centralizing route and refueling efforts to prevent interruptions to your business’s operations.

The Business Platform to Locate Vehicles & Monitor Charge and Petroleum Fuel Levels

Interface’s Vehicle Management system connects your vehicles to access telematics, locations, battery-charge and petroleum-fuel levels, and refueling history. We place onboard devices in dealership inventory and fleet vehicles to collect and display their location and fuel data to provide our clients a dashboard to find vehicles quickly and maintain fuel levels proactively.


View Vehicle Electric Charge & Petroleum Fuel Levels

Access a list report of all connected vehicles and their electric and petroleum fuel levels with refueling priority sorting and other supporting functionality.


Locate Vehicles On + Off Business Property

Find inventory, fleet, or company vehicles within business property or on the road to support customer vehicle preparation or fleet refueling scheduling.


Obtain Vehicle Fueling History Reports

View each vehicle’s recharging or refueling history to gain visibility into staff operational behavior and estimate refueling costs for inventory and fleets.


Get Other Vehicle Telematics Information

Obtain and report other vehicle data made available by the manufacturer to gain other business and operational data to improve processes.

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Improve Recharging + Refueling Efforts

Automotive dealerships and fleets often have little visibility into their vehicle fuel levels to manage their refueling schedule. With Interface, clients gain a centralized view of energy levels for all their electric and petroleum-fueled vehicles to decide how best to prioritize refueling efforts.

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Save Time Locating Vehicles

Managing dealership inventories and large fleets can make it hard for businesses to find vehicles fast, especially with multiple properties. Interface allows businesses to find their connected vehicles on or off any property to reduce the time needed to perform critical customer and maintenance processes.

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Solve the EV Challenges Beyond Vehicle Management

Our Insight specialists consult and collaborate with your team to identify the risks, opportunities, and strategy your individual business needs to support electric vehicle charging. EV Impact StudyTM reports provide information for the equipment, installation, management, and available financial assistance programs needed to successfully create the EV charging system and meet your business goals.

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