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Our energy systems are designed to provide new capabilities and opportunities to enhance operations and customer experiences while supporting carbon-offset goals. These innovative systems connect businesses to energy-measurement and control devices, EV charging, energy generation and storage, dedicated networks, supporting IoT devices, and electrical infrastructure – all measured and managed with our Interface cloud software platform with live support from our expert team. We align with our clients’ goals and evaluate processes to create advanced, comprehensive, data-driven energy solutions for smarter, progressive business.

A Brighter Business Future

Developing a Business Strategy

  • Achieving seamless integration of energy systems into your business starts with a deep understanding of their impact on both operations and brand experience.
  • We collaborate closely with our clients to pinpoint their specific challenges and opportunities, shaping custom solutions for energy, carbon reduction, and overall business success.

Elevate Brand Perception

  • Public opinion of a brand is shaped in part by the way they use energy and by their carbon emissions.
  • Our solutions make it possible for businesses to adopt progressive energy technologies that reduce pollution successfully and to measure and improve their energy use. This provides our clients with an influential tool to attract new customers and employees by reshaping their image.

Improve Decisions and Processes

  • Lacking access to equipment, energy, and processes data can hinder a business’ ability to make better, informed decisions.
  • Our team designs every energy system to bring the valuable insights our clients need to improve decision-making, processes, and energy and equipment management. Clients save time from building reports and correcting mistakes and get back to focusing on their business.

Securing Financial Support

  • Numerous financial assistance programs exist to bolster businesses’ energy systems, yet they often deplete funding rapidly, come with challenging qualification criteria, and involve intricate requirements.
  • Our team specializes in identifying all relevant programs offered by utility and government entities that align with your project’s specifications, and we manage the application process on your behalf.

Maximize the Potential Value

We bring all the talent, knowledge, services, products, and software together for our clients to craft energy systems designed specifically around how they operate. Our diverse team of experts solves the different business complexities clients face from every aspect to identify cost-saving and process-improvement opportunities that maximize the value of the solutions we build.

Control Energy, Equipment and Profits

Future Energy’s complete, specialized solutions make it easier for our clients to operate, measure, and manage their business, equipment, and energy use together. With our advanced Interface software platform features and built-in energy management strategies, we help businesses automate their equipment energy control and generate cost savings without wasting the time or attention of staff.

The Complete Energy Business System

Future Energy supports businesses to boost energy efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainability by optimizing energy consumption and incorporating renewable sources. Energy systems enhance operational reliability, automate processes, and facilitate data-driven decision-making – while supporting electric vehicles with charging infrastructure and access to government incentives. Our systems align with environmental and economic goals, offering comprehensive solutions for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance performance, and provide a better customer experience.

  • Monitors total property energy load
  • Access live maintenance support
  • Analyze business intelligence data
  • Set custom alerts and reports
  • Control energy costs and profitability
  • Track vehicle locations and fuel levels
  • Connectable to other business systems
Infographic : EV being charged + Smart System

Energy Production

Solar panels, wind, geothermal, and generators for direct-use or energy storage.

Energy Storage

On-site battery energy storage to supplement electrical utility demand during peak-use times.

EV Charger Equipment

Design and installation of signage, ergonomic considerations, displays, bollards, and other accessibility code compliance.

Equipment Environment

Design and installation of signage, ergonomic considerations, displays, bollards, and other accessibility code compliance.

Vehicle Management

Monitor vehicle locations from anywhere with EV charge and petroleum fuel levels for inventory, fleet, or company vehicles.

Energy Infrastructure

We design and install new panels, conduits, wiring, and other materials needed to power your project with future-proofing considerations.

Interface Dashboard

Our software platform measures, monitors, manages, and automates connected chargers, devices and energy use.

Interface Cloud

Sends and receives data between Interface and any installed equipment and other business intelligence systems.

Energy Devices

Interface connects to measure the power use within the entire property to optimize EV charger energy use.

Support Devices

Lighting, video monitoring, and motion sensors for enhanced monitoring, parking enforcement, and security.

Utility Services

We coordinate utility service upgrades to support EV chargers and can report electric, gas, and water service use.

Discover Our Entire Set of Connected Technology Capabilities

Chart the Successful Course for Your Electrified Future

Our Insight specialists consult and collaborate with clients and process their business data to build a customized and comprehensive report. Connected Technology Business Plan reports provide the equipment, installation, management, and other planning needed to successfully create an integrated system for our client’s business and meet their project goals.

Future Energy Interface

The connected technology platform for smarter business.

Future Energy’s Interface platform connects energy systems to improve your business processes and support an exceptional experience for your customers. Interface connects, measures, and controls equipment such as EV chargers, microgrids, energy meters, lighting, and other system devices. Interface makes it simple for clients to manage their vehicles and charging, control energy use, reduce expenses, automate processes, and make better business decisions – all with access to our expert team for live support to maximize the value of their business.

  • Equipment Automation, Control and Data
  • Custom Reporting and Alerts
  • Control Energy Costs Strategically
  • Report and Compare Electric, Gas, and Water Use
  • Access to Live Maintenance Support
  • Scalable, Multi-Location Management
  • Connects to Other Business Systems
Future Energy Interface UI
Future Energy Interface UI

Energy Management

Reach business environmental, energy, and financial goals.

Interface’s Energy Management features monitor energy usage across an entire business’s locations or a single property, providing controls and automation for individual equipment and their energy usage, such as EV chargers. Clients also gain insights into their utility usage and costs, encompassing electric, gas, and water utilities, to support our clients’ carbon initiatives and other energy goals.

Utility Insights

Measure your energy use and meet your goals.

Utility Insights analyzes the usage and costs of electric, gas and water utilities to support energy and carbon offset goals and projects future use with goal-based performance alerts. Interface compares each property’s performance against each other or with national averages to track corporate green-energy initiatives across single or multi-location businesses.

  • Measure Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • Analyze Performance and Usage
  • Set and Track Targets
  • Compare Multi-Location Performance
  • ESG Applications
Future Energy Device Management dashboard
Future Energy Device Management dashboard

Device Management

Connected technology systems requirement more than high-powered equipment.

Interface Device Management features enable businesses to connect and automate other smart technologies such as lighting and security devices. This enables our clients to monitor, manage, and maintain their equipment assets, customer experiences, and operational processes within spaces such as EV charging environments.

  • LED Smart Lighting
  • Video Surveillance
  • Motion Sensors
  • Other IoT Devices

Explore More of What Interface can do for Your Business

Our Complete Connected Technology System’s Journey

Future Energy’s EV Solutions take your dealership’s business through the entire EV readiness journey from start to finish with 3 simple steps to get your dealership electrified.

Plan Step One
Install Step Two
Manage step Three

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