Public EV Charging for Auto Dealerships

Public EV Charging Presents Major Opportunities for Auto Dealerships

Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, with 1.8 million EVs registered in the United States in 2020. These sustainable vehicles and EV chargers present major opportunities for many businesses—perhaps most notably auto dealerships. Public EV charging for auto dealerships can drive sales and brand awareness, fostering valuable relationships with new and long-term EV owners.


Commercial EV Chargers Increase Brand Awareness

By investing in public EV chargers today, a dealership can increase its visibility in a growing sector—promoting awareness among current owners. Additionally, EV chargers can deliver personalized experiences for visitors and potential buyers.

Branded Hardware and Software for Electric Car Charging Stations

Installing EV charger infrastructure from Future Energy provides unique branding opportunities for commercial dealerships. With greater brand awareness, automotive dealers can increase conversions.

The Future Energy electric vehicle charging station allows dealerships to implement customized graphics on the station’s hardware and software. This enables dealerships to reinforce their culture and brand to new and returning customers. Additionally, dealerships can implement security cameras and lighting into their customized electric charging stations, increasing safety and comfort among visitors.

Electric Car Charging Stations Appear on ChargePoint

When a dealership installs EV charging stations from Future Energy, they will join the ChargePoint network—the largest and most open EV charging station network in the world. The dealership will appear on the ChargePoint app as a reliable electric vehicle charging station for owners to visit, increasing property awareness. 

The dealership’s EV charging stations will also appear on the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator, a tool that many EV drivers rely on to find public EV chargers. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), ChargePoint stations accounted for 44% of public electric vehicle chargers available on the station locator.


EV Charger Installation Drives Sales

Installing EV charger infrastructure not only improves visibility for dealerships; electric charging stations also drive sales. Moreover, dealerships can reduce the EV charger installation cost through financial incentives and programs—promoting a significant return on investment.

Attracting New and Existing Owners

According to the Pew Research Center, 7% of US adults said they owned an EV in 2021. Additionally, 79% percent said they were very or somewhat likely to purchase an EV the next time they buy a new vehicle. By installing EV charger infrastructure on their properties, dealerships can attract both potential and existing owners to their properties.

With EV charger installation, drivers who may not otherwise stop at the dealership may visit the property for a quick charge. As a result, dealerships can increase traffic to their properties—and thus increase the chances of a successful conversion. Existing EV owners will associate the commercial property with EV compatibility and may visit the dealership when they are in the market for a new vehicle, providing potential leads from current and future EV drivers and buyers.

Additionally, publicly available electric car charging stations can spark interest in first-time buyers. If a driver sees EV charging stations while passing by the dealership, they will know that infrastructure is available to support their new vehicle. As a result, the driver may visit the car dealership to purchase their first EV.

Financial Incentives

EV charger installation cost can be a barrier to developing electric charging stations. However, many state and federal programs encourage and promote EV charger installation. For example, the Internal Revenue Service currently offers a 30% tax credit to businesses that are installing EV charger infrastructure. Eligible businesses can recover up to $30,000 of the EV charger installation cost.

Discount Opportunities

Electric car charging stations provide dealerships with customer incentive opportunities. If anyone stops to use its electric charging stations, the dealership can offer meal or servicing discounts to users. As a result, the drivers will be likely to return to the dealership to cash in on their earned discounts and collect additional incentives.


Electric Charging Stations Promote Healthy Customer Relationships

In addition to driving sales and increasing brand awareness, investing in electric car charging stations can help a dealership foster healthy customer relationships. Commercial EV chargers not only help attract potential and existing customers—they also signal to potential buyers that a dealership shares their rapidly expanding values for sustainability.

Developing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure

NREL reports that as of 2020, there were 105 EV charging stations per 100,000 people in the United States. By installing EV charger infrastructure, commercial dealerships can do their part to expand this infrastructure and increase the EV market. With greater infrastructure availability, more drivers will be willing to purchase these sustainable vehicles.

Future Servicing Opportunities

If a current EV owner sees that a dealership has an electric vehicle charging station, they know that the company supports EVs overall. They might see the dealership as an ideal place to bring their EVs for servicing. Additionally, if a dealership increases EV sales by offering electric charging stations, it can extend the customer relationship by encouraging new owners to visit the property for maintenance.

Commitment to Sustainability

Research from IBM shows that six in ten consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their impact on the environment. Additionally, 77% of consumers cite sustainability as a key value when buying a product. 

By installing commercial EV chargers, a dealership signals to customers and passersby that it is committed to sustainability. Customized branding also makes it more likely that a driver will associate a dealership with a culture of environmental responsibility.

Build Commercial EV Chargers with Future Energy

If you are interested in an electric vehicle charging station for your dealership, Future Energy can help. Future Energy’s commercial EV chargers help you drive conversions, foster customer relationships, and position your property for future success. Contact Future Energy today to learn more about our electric car charging stations.


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