Why Do You Need a Consulting and Specialist for EV Chargers?

How will your company handle the many considerations involved? How many chargers do you need? Where will you install them? And which types are best for your business?

Future Energy works with your company to answer these and many other questions. And because we have developed close partnerships with the utility companies, we help your company get to the front of the line for your electrical needs.

Understanding Charger Types

There are three levels of EV chargers, but level 2 or level 3 are appropriate for commercial use. (Level 1 uses a standard 120-volt household outlet for charging at home.)

Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt alternating-current (AC) plug that requires a dedicated 40-amp circuit. Level 3 chargers, also known as direct-current fast chargers (DCFC), use 480-volt direct current.

Maximizing Money

There are financial incentives at the local, state, and federal level that can help your company offset the costs of EV charger installation. Future Energy’s Financial Incentive National Database (FIND) tool identifies 99% of available money in every state in the US.

As your commercial EV charger consultant, Future Energy uses the FIND tool to identify funds available for your business. These may include tax breaks, grants and rebates, and utility rate reductions. Then, we can help procure money that in some cases can cover 100% of your cost.

Controlling Costs

A commercial EV charger consultant helps you control the ongoing costs associated with a significant increase in electricity use. For instance, a Future Energy analysis for a Florida dealership found that unmonitored electrical use of its planned EV charger installation could cost an extra $100,000 yearly.

That’s why Future Energy uses a proprietary software platform called Interface to network your EV chargers with your local utility. By measuring and managing electrical use, Interface navigates your various electrical systems to ensure you don’t exceed your peak load and incur extra charges.

Upgrading Utilities

Commercial EV charging likely requires an upgrade to your electrical equipment, such as your company’s panels and meters as well as new utility poles, towers, and wires. That’s because even the lesser-demanding level 2 chargers use 12 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of extra load per port, requiring a 160-amp breaker per EV charger. (For comparison, 100 amps generally can power a small house.)

A commercial EV charger consultant helps you communicate with your utility company, conveying your plans and the electrical infrastructure you require.

The more than 3,300 utilities in the United States have different requirements surrounding electrical upgrades. In some cases, Future Energy has found that it could take up to five years to complete your company’s upgrade. That’s why it’s important to use a commercial EV charger consultant who knows how to minimize your wait.

What Are the Steps to Installing EV Chargers at Your Dealerships?

As a commercial EV charger consultant, Future Energy serves both as your partner in proactive decision-making and as the general contractor who oversees the successful completion of your project.

EV Impact Study

Future Energy has conducted more than 500 customized EV Impact Studies. The EV Impact Study provides a comprehensive overview of tasks to fulfill your business objectives and helps analyze the value your company can extract from EV charger installation.

Future Energy’s EV Impact Study scales to help individual businesses or large enterprises with multiple franchise owners or sites. Our program delivers business value in a tested process that includes customizing and configuring your software for greater visibility.

Utility Assessment

Future Energy helps calculate the kW and amp capacity required to operate your EV charging solutions. These needs then involve the utility as Future Energy coordinates plan submissions and upgrade requests.

Financial Incentives

EV charger consulting helps you identify the requirements to obtain financial incentives at the federal, state, and local levels. Your EV charger consultant also understands the specific documentation and procedures to apply for and receive state, local, and federal utility incentives.

How Does an EV Charger Consultant Help Manage My Energy Use?

Interface connects all of your on-site technology infrastructure with a cloud-based interface that helps you collect and analyze data to provide business insights.

Scheduling EV Charging

Interface captures data in real time and provides insights in two ways. First, it helps you carefully monitor the use of all your EV chargers. You can prioritize EV charging for business-critical operations, such as preparing EV inventory. You also can automate charging for off-peak hours to save money and ensure you don’t exceed peak load.

Integrating Your Business Systems with EV Charging

The other way Interface provides insights is through managing all of your electrical systems from one central platform. These may include:

  • Lighting controls
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Security systems
  • Occupancy asset tracking

Using Data to Drive Business Outcomes

Future Energy helps your company develop algorithms that optimize the use of data the system captures from your electrical systems. Through Interface, your business coordinates on and off times, manages demand, and controls cost by balancing electricity use among systems.

How Can a Commercial EV Charger Consultant Help My Business Look Ahead?

As a specialist in commercial EV charger consulting, Future Energy works as your partner in providing consistent and scalable outcomes.

Providing Business Specialists

Future Energy features a team of specialists that support you in the following areas throughout your EV charger installation project:

  • Financial programs
  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Dealer business
  • Electrical engineering
  • Licensed construction
  • Training

Helping with Business Objectives

Future Energy customizes our consulting programs for your business. For example, EV charging solutions for a dealership have to account for inventory, service, and public charging use.

Similarly, hotels that wish to offer EV charging need to accommodate overnight guests, customers stopping briefly to eat at the restaurant, and employees.

The nuances of EV charger location can save your company money, facilitate your business processes, align with corporate mandates, and help you comply with OSHA and other regulations.

Futureproofing Your Business with EV Charger Consulting

The technology surrounding EV chargers is changing rapidly, with more disruption on the horizon. Future Energy is always studying the future of EV capabilities. That way, you’re not spending money for equipment that you will have to replace in a few years.


Where Can I Find a Commercial EV Charger Consultant and Consulting?

Contact Future Energy today to find out how our commercial EV charger consulting can help your business. For assistance during business hours, contact Future Energy at (585) 782-4000 or contact us anytime online.