Future Energy is Changing

January 24, 2020

After many years of exciting growth, we’re proud to announce we’re expanding, offering a complete suite of smart building solutions and systems connectivity.

We started Future Energy because we saw a need to help companies take more control of their lighting systems, improving energy usage, saving costs and improving illumination. With a vision for a better experience that improved lighting while giving our clients more control, our smart lighting solutions created new ways for facilities to understand and measure their lighting, mobility, climate and safety, all while monitoring all data and information from one visualization point in real-time.

You will continue to receive communication and resources as we roll-out our new branding and messaging. In the meantime, check out our new website, and keep an eye out for exciting things to come!

Posted By Sam DiNello

Sam DiNello is Executive Vice President at Future Energy. He is an expert in the EV infrastructure space and passionate about innovative data-driven solutions that help companies access real-time intelligence for real-time action.

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