EV Chargers for Dealership Showrooms

Consumers are purchasing more electric vehicles (EVs) with each passing year. In fact, in 2019, electric car sales increased 40% year-over-year, according to data from the International Energy Agency.

There are several reasons for the increase in EV purchases. Some consumers are trying to go green by using electricity rather than petroleum to fuel their travels. Others are tired of paying more and more to fill up on gas—data from AAA shows that in 2021, gas prices in the U.S. rose from a monthly national average of $3.00 in May to $3.15 in July, and those prices will remain high.

Many more consumers are simply interested in incentives, like the federal government’s tax credit for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This incentive provides drivers of eligible new EVs up to $7,500 per purchase. 

Whatever reason vehicle shoppers have for wanting an EV, electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. If your dealership has EVs and EV chargers for clients to see and use—or even offers EV chargers for sale—then you’re positioning yourself as a leader in the EV industry. 


Installing EV chargers in your dealership showroom is an investment with high return potential and an investment that will make your customers happy.


Creating a Learning Environment by Installing EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are here to stay. As more people purchase EVs and the federal government moves closer to an EV infrastructure bill, it’s crucial that your dealership is prepared to teach your customers about this automotive technology so that you can sell more cars. To do this, your sales team needs to be educated on EVs and EV charging stations.

Educate Your Sales Team on Electric Vehicle Chargers

For your sales team to be successful, they need to be able to educate your customers on every vehicle on your lot, including EVs and their charging stations. Consumers want to buy from competent salespeople with strong product knowledge

Installing EV chargers in your showroom gives your sales associates a low-stakes opportunity to learn how to use the EV chargers for themselves first. And the chargers can provide an anchor point for your sales team to develop and perfect their pitch. Your showroom can become an even more engaging experience for customers.

Educate Your Customers on Electric Vehicle Chargers

Many consumers have concerns about owning an EV. They’re often apprehensive about the vehicle’s range between charges (called “range anxiety”), the cost, and the availability of maintenance. 

And many are simply unsure about changing from a fuel-driven vehicle to an electric one—we are creatures of habit, comfortable with what we know. But if your sales team are knowledgeable about electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers, they can help alleviate these concerns. 

Illustration - ChargeParc: Turnkey EV Charging Environments

The Future Energy solution, ChargeParc™, is designed in part to help your staff relieve customer hesitations—especially range anxiety. Our solution uses hardware from ChargePoint, which has created the largest and most open EV charging network in the world. There are 120,000 individual ChargePoint EV chargers in North America and that number is increasing every year.

With ChargeParc chargers at your dealership, your sales staff can show customers how easy it is to find chargers out on the road using the ChargePoint app. Additionally, since ChargeParc uses ChargePoint hardware, dealerships that partner with Future Energy become a part of the growing ChargePoint network. 


Boosting Sales by Installing EV Chargers

Customers are hard to come by, and even harder to keep. One J.D. Power study shows that many shoppers return to an auto dealer they previously bought from because they’ve already established a relationship. You can use this brand loyalty to your advantage. 

Your sales team can establish a rapport with your customers by educating them on EVs and EV chargers. Having chargers installed in your dealership showroom gives vehicle shoppers a hands-on learning experience on how to use them. And if you offer the chargers for public use, new and existing customers can visit your dealership when their vehicles need to power up.

These efforts go a long way in consumers’ eyes. And since brand awareness and loyalty are so important in the automotive industry, it’s important to maintain a strong relationship with your existing customers. Positive consumer experiences often lead to referral business, which further boosts your sales. 

Attracting New and Existing Owners

According to the Pew Research Center, 7% of US adults said they owned an EV in 2021. Additionally, 79% percent said they were very or somewhat likely to purchase an EV the next time they buy a new vehicle. By installing EV charger infrastructure on their properties, dealerships can attract both potential and existing owners to their properties.

With EV charger installation, drivers who may not otherwise stop at the dealership may visit the property for a quick charge. As a result, dealerships can increase traffic to their properties—and thus increase the chances of a successful conversion. Existing EV owners will associate the commercial property with EV compatibility and may visit the dealership when they are in the market for a new vehicle, providing potential leads from current and future EV drivers and buyers.

Additionally, publicly available electric car charging stations can spark interest in first-time buyers. If a driver sees EV charging stations while passing by the dealership, they will know that infrastructure is available to support their new vehicle. As a result, the driver may visit the car dealership to purchase their first EV.


Invest In EV Chargers For Your Showroom

The market demand for electric vehicles is dramatically increasing, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Your dealership can establish itself as a progressive leader in the EV industry by installing electric vehicle chargers on your lots and in your showroom. 

Future Energy can help you install EV chargers for your dealership. In addition, we can help you identify and obtain financial incentives that can help cover the costs of EV infrastructure upgrades. Contact us today to learn more.

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