Electrification: A Family Affair

Electrification: A Family Affair
October 1, 2021
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For Sam DiNello, co-founder and executive vice president of Future Energy, achieving clean power is more than a business. It’s a personal goal. DiNello, his brother, and his two brothers-in-law all work hard every day to boost electrification in Michigan—and in DiNello’s case—across the United States.

Future Energy works tirelessly to promote and develop electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and other clean-energy solutions for DiNello’s home state of Michigan and beyond. Working at DTE, DiNello’s family members help generate the energy that this infrastructure relies on. Together, their goal is to move society toward a clean-energy future. Electrification, for the DiNellos, is a family affair.

Family Ties to Cleaner Power

It’s common for young people to follow in their family’s footsteps, and Sam DiNello is no stranger to the power industry. As a young man running his own landscaping company, his father urged him to work at DTE. To boot, his brother and brothers-in-law have built long-lasting careers at DTE, one of Future Energy’s top utility partners. DiNello takes great pride in this.

Mick Court “When we talk to our kids about how electricity works or how they use their computers or tablets or lights,” he explains, “we always say, ‘Well, thank your uncles because they make the power.’”

DiNello saw his true calling. He realized that he could make a lasting business and also work toward something that was bigger than himself. So he took the plunge into electrification. He left the landscaping industry to create a safer and more sustainable planet for his children. He developed a drive toward cleaner power such as wind, solar and electricity. He co-founded Future Energy to help ensure that his children and future generations have a clean and sustainable future.

He took a big risk co-founding Future Energy.

He believes that businesses and facilities operate more effectively when measured data is available when it’s time to make decisions.

Future Energy exists to introduce new data harvesting technology into the work environment to improve people, place and process. His mission is to empower you to better manage what is measured, all in real-time. He rolled the proverbial dice on this new technology in an effort to realize his goal of a cleaner future.

His risk has paid off. DiNello is proud of the work that he and his company have done to guide U.S. consumers toward electrification. And the world is also starting to take notice. In 2020, Future Energy was awarded the Project of the Year by Consumers Energy for their work with a Michigan-based health care corporation. “Future Energy as a brand is starting to really make some headway,” he says. “Hopefully it helps society and the community.”

Future Energy "Small commercial project of the year" award for 2020

Protecting His Children and Helping His Brothers

DiNello sees electrification as the path to a clean future for his children. And this drive toward a sustainable future has allowed him to align his personal and business goals.

One of Future Energy’s goals is to help expand Michigan’s EV infrastructure. They work closely with DTE to ensure that enough power is available to support the increased demand for the expanding infrastructure. And since DiNello’s family members at DTE help ensure a constant stream of power, it’s crucial to their careers that there’s always a high demand for electricity.

In other words, DiNello isn’t just helping build a better world for his children and future generations—he’s helping create revenue and job security for his family members and friends who work at DTE.

Promoting Clean Power through Electrification

DiNello believes that EVs are a key component to cleaner power and thus a cleaner world. He knows that vehicle exhaust is a terrible pollutant and dangerous to humans. He has even taught his children to never walk behind a running car so they can avoid the harmful fumes.

The data shows that he’s right about EVs reducing pollution. One study from the Alternative Fuels Data Center shows that on average in the United States, gasoline-powered cars emit 11,435 pounds of CO2 equivalent whereas all-electric vehicles emit 3,774 pounds. And since EVs don’t produce tailpipe emissions, DiNello knows that guiding the world toward EVs and EV charging solutions will make a positive impact.

Photo of a hand inserting a Future Energy installed Charger into a electric vehicle / EV

Guiding Consumers toward EVs

DiNello wants to spread the word that EVs can help fight climate change, increase energy jobs through additional demand, and create a cleaner world for everyone.

He realizes that some consumers are apprehensive about purchasing EVs because there might not be a charging station available when the vehicle needs it.

Fortunately, DTE and DiNello’s brothers are helping to alleviate those concerns in an effort to push Michigan toward electrification. “DTE is working hard to make sure that there’s no disruption of power so that people will not have to have anxiety about not being able to charge their car when they need it,” DiNello says. When consumers are confident in purchasing EVs, sales will skyrocket and fuel emissions will plummet.

Moving Toward Electrification

As the world searches for solutions to the climate change crisis, electrification is emerging as a top contender. In fact, if electrification is deployed quickly, it’s possible to eliminate 70% to 80% of carbon emissions by the year 2035.

Like DiNello, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has joined the charge toward electrification. The EPA has even noted that moving toward zero-emissions vehicles can avoid billions of tons of CO2 emissions—with the fringe bonus of $86 to $140 billion in net benefits for Americans through 2050.

The foundation that DiNello and Future Energy have built will benefit his family, Michigan community, the US and the world for decades to come. DiNello estimates that since 2009, Future Energy has saved its clients enough kilowatts to power a small city.

Future Energy has made EVs and EV chargers accessible. Because of their work, auto dealers across Michigan can provide EVs to their customers. And DiNello knows that his work isn’t done.

The next step is to “create the infrastructure…to expand on technologies like wind and solar and other renewables that can offset gas and oil,” he says.

Everyone Can Make Electrification a Family Affair

Electrification is crucial to a cleaner and safer environment. Everyone can do their part by reducing their fossil fuel use. And electric vehicles are a great starting point.

Your company is a family. And you can encourage and incentivize your employees to lower their carbon footprint. So provide them with information about EVs and how they will benefit the world now and for decades to come. And join Future Energy in making electrification a family fair that the entire world can participate in.

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