Secretary of Energy Granholm Meets with Future Energy to Discuss Automotive Dealership EV Transition Solutions

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February 20, 2024

Future Energy CEO Sam DiNello and EVP Dan Young recently met with Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm at the North American Auto Dealers Association (NADA) show in Las Vegas. Secretary Granholm, a pivotal figure in the Biden Administration’s drive for EV adoption, engaged in discussions centered on accelerating the EV revolution and supporting auto dealerships in transitioning to selling electric vehicles.

During the meeting, Sam DiNello showcased our Interface software platform and other innovative solutions, emphasizing our pivotal role in assisting automotive dealerships with their transition to EVs.

“Secretary Granholm and I spoke about how Future Energy brings energy efficiencies to the early adopters of EVs and our work in solving some of their challenges,” said DiNello. “We have an abundance of empathy for how difficult this process has been for the dealers to upgrade their facilities, the investment they’ve had to make, and what we’ve done to simplify that process. We’re not here to convince anyone to make the transition. We’re here to help them prepare when they’re ready.”  

Accompanied by U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sustainable Transportation, Michael Berube, Secretary Granholm was especially interested in how Future Energy has been able to help businesses solve energy challenges in various industries, from automotive to health care and hospitality. Sam DiNello and Secretary Granholm also discussed the potential of future vehicle-to-grid technology.

“We were thrilled that of the 500 NADA Show exhibitors that Sec. Granholm personally chose to visit us. Our meeting gave us the opportunity to share information about our Interface platform, which manages EV chargers, as well as dynamic load balancing, inventory management, automation, and potential demand response. She was extremely interested in how we’re helping our clients with sustainable solutions to power management, controlling costs and managing the energy they use,” said DiNello. “Our ability to get a face-to-face meeting with the Secretary was just another reason why we were thrilled with the results of our investment in the NADA Show.”

We want to thank Secretary Granholm for graciously visiting us at our NADA show exhibit and showing interest in our efforts to support Auto Dealerships, including our commitment to facilitating the transition to electric mobility for automotive retailers as their business landscape evolves.

Posted By Sam DiNello

Sam DiNello is Chief Executive Officer at Future Energy. He is an expert in the EV infrastructure space and passionate about innovative data-driven solutions that help companies access real-time intelligence for real-time action.