Smart Thinking In The Evolution Of Lighting

Smart lighting is a platform for buildings, businesses and smart city interoperability, supporting and connecting IoT, sensors, and radios which businesses, homes and whole cities now use. Each connected light point sends and receives data, generating insights required to make decisions based on the data each light receives. Future Energy can help you understand and show you everything that can now be measured, allowing for managed improvement.

Financial Incentives

Right now, you can qualify for any number of government utility rebates and tax incentives when you upgrade your system! At Future Energy, not only do we stay on top of all the latest programs to maximize those incentives, but we even take care of all the necessary paperwork for you.


Today’s Lighting Goes Beyond Lumens & Cost Savings

Our revolutionary lighting solutions have expanded beyond lumens and energy efficiency to include the very latest in technology including Data Harvesting and Intelligence. Multiple IoT sensors built into new fixtures allows you to create the ultimate management tool, empowering you to measure people, places and processes like never before..

Bringing Our Advantages to Light

Our diverse skill sets allow you to develop and incorporate a strategy to empower technology into your lighting systems. This technology offers you the ability to ask better questions, thus improving outcomes.


Multiple Data platforms are pushed to a single visualization screen

Real-Time Data

Streamlined data allowing for immediate response or measurement

In-Depth Reporting

Combining data between autonomous digital systems allows for blended reporting

In-Depth Reporting

Combining data between autonomous digital systems allows for blended reporting


Any device access through the cloud or through secured IT/OT networks


Any device access through the cloud or through secured IT/OT networks


Sensor technology is evolving at a rapid pace, allowing for limitless measurement tools

Easily Expandable

All systems we incorporate are non-proprietary with open api


The Software That Connects Everything

Our software is more than revolutionary, it’s evolutionary – continuously improved with the latest developments, upgrades, and breakthroughs to connect and communicate seamlessly across all platforms.

  • Cross-device HTML-5 Interface
  • All-Building IoT Devices
  • Facility Resource Analytics and Controls
  • Real-Time Data Collection
  • EDM
  • AI Reporting
  • Analytics with Machine Learning

Our Process

We evaluate and create custom-tailored designs to meet your specific goals and needs. With cutting-edge technology and the latest software, our cloud-based solutions allow you to make data-driven decisions for greater control and insight


Project Analysis

Collaborate on your people, place and process to better understand what must be measured for effective management


System Design

Build out the roadmap of low, medium and high-level tools to accomplish your goals


Hardware Installation

We configure and integrate between IT and OT, installing all required devices, sensors, software controllers and equipment


Network Connection

Working between IT and OT backbones, all device integration is connected and protected through software and high-level security


Monitoring & Control

Data feeds migrate instantly into one visualization point with secured access in real-time


Project Analysis

On-going support, analysis and maintenance follow our system commissioning and user training

Let’s Connect

Designing smart building connectivity begins with a personal connection. We’ll discuss your goals, budget and timeline, and take it from there.

Rebates & Financial Incentives

We work with technology imbedded hardware that involves aggressive government and utility tax credits, rebates and grants that drastically improve your cash flow. Contact us to find out what funding is available helping you choose the right hardware. Our team will work with you and the incentive program holders to get your application approved and processed quickly.