Building the New Fueling Network

No major industry will change more over the next two decades than transportation, and Future Energy understands that going forward, mobility will involve electricity. Our choice to partner with ChargePoint is due to the fact that they are leading the EV industry through their innovation and support network. We are excited and proud to be involved in creating the new fueling network to move all people and goods on electricity.


Rebates & Incentives

Investing is more affordable than you think. Governments and utilities offer an array of tax credits, rebates and grants that can help put you on the road to a more sustainable future. To find out what incentives you qualify for, contact us today and we’ll gladly find out which ones are available for you.


The Leader in EV Solutions & Services

The largest, most comprehensive EV charging network, our team of experts know EV charging in and out to connect you with the right solution for your business. Our services run the range from residential and company fleet to government agencies and major Universities. Join the fueling network of the future with Future Energy.

The Right Solution Whatever Your Needs

This is the only network with an integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support delivering the smoothest possible experience for all businesses and drivers. From site planning to installation and set-up to ongoing care, we offer world-class service products and support to meet your needs at every stage of the EV charging experience.

Dashboard & Analytics

Station owners can see how stations are being used and when it’s time to add capacity

Wait List

Drivers can get in line and get notified when a station is available, improving utilization

Energy Management

Automatically utilize power available for charging vehicles and save money on costly upgrades while avoiding demand charges

Flexible Pricing

Price by hour, kWh, time of day, customer type or any combination

Happy Employees

Save your employees worry and time by providing them the convenience of charging while they work

Commercial Fleet

Maximize profitability and sustainability goals by leveraging data from across the charging ecosystem

Fleet Services

Fleet managers can track vehicle charging and pay for electricity if the vehicles need to charge at other stations

Residential Upgrades

More communities are offering modern amenities such as EV charging to stand-out and attract residents

Access Control

Limit who can use the charging stations and when, and station owners can disable charging during “closed” times

Fleet Services

Fleet managers can track vehicle charging and pay for electricity if the vehicles need to charge at other stations

Driver Services

Automatically notify drivers of a full charge, available station, changes in power and more


Most functions are also available through SOAP/XML and REST APIs that follow the same data access rules as the UI


The Software That Connects Everything

Our software is more than revolutionary, it’s evolutionary – continuously improved with the latest developments, upgrades and breakthroughs to connect and communicate seamlessly across all platforms.

  • Cross-device HTML-5 Interface
  • All-Building IoT Devices
  • Facility Resource Analytics and Controls
  • Real Time Data Collection
  • EDM
  • AI Reporting
  • Analytics with Machine Learning

Our Process

We evaluate and create custom-tailored designs to meet your specific goals and needs. With cutting-edge technology and the latest software, our cloud-based solutions allow you to make data-driven decisions for greater control and insight.


Project Analysis

Collaborate on your people, place and process to better understand what must be measured for effective management


System Design

Build out the roadmap of low, medium and high-level tools to accomplish your goals


Hardware Installation

We configure and integrate between IT and OT, installing all required devices, sensors, software controllers and equipment


Network Connection

Working between IT and OT backbones, all device integration is connected and protected through software and high-level security


Monitoring & Control

Data feeds migrate instantly into one visualization point with secured access in real-time


Upgrade & Maintain

On-going support, analysis and maintenance follow our system commissioning and user training

Let’s Connect

Designing smart building connectivity begins with a personal connection. We’ll discuss your goals, budget and timeline, and take it from there.