Brown’s Automotive: Pioneering EV Charging with Future Energy

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December 13, 2023

Brown’s Automotive: Pioneering EV Charging with Future Energy

Watch Gary Brown, President of Brown’s Automotive, explain his dealership’s transformation to electrification with Future Energy.

“Why are you here?” 

That was the very first question Brown’s Automotive asked Future Energy on our arrival to their more than 100-year-old dealership located outside of Long Island, N.Y. Brown’s was facing the need to integrate EV charging into their high-volume, influential dealership to support the arrival of EVs on its lots even before Stellantis had set its full guidelines. The Brown’s team had initially believed that adding EVs to their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram inventory would be simple, including the installation of the EV chargers they would need. 

Future Energy connected with Brown’s leadership, including its president, Gary Brown.

Upon visiting their dealership, we explained that we were here to see how we could help them transition their business into electrification and evaluate their EV charging needs, which they believed were addressed in their initial EV adoption plan. We learned about their company’s vision, goals, and how they see EV as part of their future.

As we worked through the details, we found that their plan was well thought through. However, we presented new information and critical challenges they would face along the way that began to shift their perspective, such as the substantial increase in energy costs resulting from EV charging, along with other business impacts and risks.

Our teams reconnected later to present our EV Impact Study report, outlining our strategic and holistic approach to supporting their dealership’s specific needs and a comprehensive site plan. We found opportunities for financial assistance program support, process improvements, and energy cost management that would directly affect their bottom line.

The Brown’s team no longer questioned why we were here, and we moved forward with the new plan together.

Our team got to work. We submitted the financial assistance program and utility service upgrade applications they needed, successfully secured their utility power upgrade, and installed their EV chargers with our Interface software platform, connecting business properties and their inventory. We then tailored their Interface configurations to suit their business’s needs and provided comprehensive training for their team so they could hit the ground running.

Future Energy putting the finishing touches on EV charger installation.

The Future Energy team providing onsite EV charging training for Brown’s.

Brown’s now has capabilities well beyond EV charging and is fully prepared for an electrified future.

With our Interface platform integrated into their dealership and EV charging network, they now possess energy management and automation for their five level 2 and single level 3 DCFC EV chargers to control their energy costs. Their team now logs into Interface daily to easily track their individual vehicle locations across their 600-unit inventory and two properties – making their recharging and refueling efforts more efficient while supporting a better customer experience.  

Brown’s believes our solutions have successfully transitioned them to electrification, which “proved to be revolutionary” for their business.

Our team has helped Brown’s fully embrace electrification by combining a long legacy of business history with a new vision. Together, we successfully transformed their business and met their EV charging needs and OEM requirements along the way. The partnership we have built Has been unique and meaningful and we look forward to many years of collaboration.

“The vision that they had really married to our vision as far as what we should be doing and how we should be preparing along the way. Future Energy was there with us, side by side. They’ve been instrumental in helping us fulfill the needs of the manufacturer, the consumers and us.”

-Gary Brown, President, Brown’s Automotive

The Brown’s Automotive and Future Energy teams on location.

Future Energy will provide ongoing support to sustain the management and maintenance of its new EV charging infrastructure. We will continue to help their business meet the needs of its evolving customer and industry landscape.

Posted By Sam DiNello

Sam DiNello is Chief Executive Officer at Future Energy. He is an expert in the EV infrastructure space and passionate about innovative data-driven solutions that help companies access real-time intelligence for real-time action.