Solving Business Challenges

Future Energy’s EV dealership solution helps dealers solve the current and future challenges of the growing EV market in each critical area, including:

  • Retail Lots
  • Public EV Charging
  • Showroom & Customer Evolution
  • Servicing & Vehicle Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Power Management
  • Financial Incentives

Retail Lots

The Challenge

  • Customers may be unaccustomed to electric vehicles and charging stations causing apprehension to an EV purchase
  • Maintaining the charge levels of test-drive vehicles creates a new operational challenge

The Future Energy Solution

  • Acclimate first-time EV buyers to EV charging stations by showing them how they work and helping them install the station’s mobile app
  • Maintain the test-drive experience by remotely monitoring vehicle charge levels and health with InterfaceTM software to keep retail lot vehicles charged

Public EV Charging

The Challenge

  • Creating increased brand awareness with current EV owners for future EV sales and service opportunities

The Future Energy Solution

  • Create more sales and service opportunities by offering EV charging stations to the public
  • Reinforce your brand and culture with customized graphics on EV charging unit hardware and software interfaces

Showroom & Customer Evolution

The Challenge

  • Dealerships need to find their role in making the transition to electric vehicles comfortable for private and commercial buyers
  • Private and commercial customers may be unaware of how to integrate EV charging into their lifestyle or business operations, or may be unaware of how to use or find a station, causing apprehension of an EV purchase

The Future Energy Solution

  • Engage and educate potential private and commercial EV customers by displaying and demonstrating residential, public and fleet EV charging stations in the showroom
  • Alleviate customer concerns of EV charge accessibility by demonstrating the mobile EV charging app – which notifies customer of where to utilize, reserve or obtain a charging station

Service & Vehicle Storage

The Challenge

  • Electric vehicles require less maintenance and will result in a loss of service revenue
  • Recharging electric vehicles that have been stored long-term for servicing or after service requires a new operational process

The Future Energy Solution

  • Create your own after-sales strategy to sell residential, commercial and fleet charging systems to customers with branded hardware
  • Access EV charger owner vehicle information and analytics post-sale to identify further sales opportunities
  • Charge vehicles on-site and deliver adequately charged vehicles to the customer as part of vehicle standard service offerings

Inventory Management

The Challenge

  • Monitoring in-lot and out-lot EV charge levels
  • Integrating EV charge level monitoring into existing or new vehicle inventory management software

The Future Energy Solution

  • Connect to every electric vehicle within any in-lot and out-lot location to InterfaceTM software
  • Visualize, manage and get alerts for EV inventory charge levels from anywhere with InterfaceTM software
  • Manage inventory with the analytic tools integrated with InterfaceTM software

Vehicle Preparation

The Challenge

  • Integrating EV charging into the preparation processes of sold, lease turn-in and serviced vehicles

The Future Energy Solution

  • Create a consistent experience by remotely monitoring vehicle charge levels with InterfaceTM software
  • Charge vehicles on-site and deliver adequately charged vehicles to the customer

Power Management

The Challenge

  • At a minimum, EV charging will double the electricity required to operate a dealership
  • Most properties do not have the utility power access capable of accommodating the increased usage for EV charging
  • Avoiding peak demand charges and controlling operating costs
  • Some properties may experience up to a two-year wait period for a utility company to deliver and install adequate power to match increasing demand

The Future Energy Solution

  • Work with utility companies to create strategies to obtain adequate power accommodations for your property and out-lot locations
  • Visualize, manage and get alerts of power usage with InterfaceTM software to proactively avoid peak demand charges

Included with Future Energy’s EV dealership solution


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Rebates & Financial Incentives

Growing into the world of electric vehicles has never been more affordable or easier. Incentive programs include an array of combinable credits that can potentially cover all of the cost of your EV charging installation. Contact us to find out what funding is available to you.


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