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Future Energy is helping thousands of dealerships prepare their businesses to plan, install and manage EV chargers with our complete, turn-key solution.

  • Meet your dealership’s EV charging requirements
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Charge electric vehicles
  • Reduce energy use and expenses
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Let Us Guide Your EV Readiness Journey

Future Energy’s EV Solutions take your dealership’s business through the entire EV readiness journey from start to finish with 3 simple steps to get your dealership electrified.

Solving the EV Charging Challenges for Auto Dealerships

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EV chargers are often not installed correctly

Many contractors often don’t install EV chargers the right way for your business or to code or user requirements.

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Utility service upgrades can take months to years

Getting upgraded utility services to use level 3 EV chargers is a difficult but necessary process and wait times are increasing.

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Energy bills may increase exponentially with use

Utility companies may charge your business more per every unit of energy you use with level 3 charging.

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Financial assistance is hard to find and obtain

Finding, qualifying, and applying for financial assistance programs is complex but could save your business big money.

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Our team of EV consultants will help your dealership identify and solve the business challenges EV charging brings that affect the management, costs and other outcomes dealerships face.

  • Business operations and process changes
  • Meeting dealership brand EV requirements
  • Learn about managing EV inventory
  • Reducing EV charger installation costs
  • Preparing for utility service upgrades
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Future Energy’s EV Planning Services

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EV Impact Study™ Part 1 – Virtual Consultation

Get the information you need to understand your business changes, plan your installation and manage costs.

  • Identify Business + EV Requirements
    Determine what your business needs, like charger types, the amount of each type, and port count necessary to meet your business, operational and customer demands
  • EV Site Design
    Find the best locations to install different types of EV chargers for cost efficiency and business needs
  • Electrical Requirements
    Identify the electrical kilowatt and amp requirements for your electrical infrastructure to perform EV charging properly
  • Find Financial Assistance Programs
    Find all the available utility and government financial assistance programs that could save you money
Icon We Make EV Easy Step 2

EV Impact Study™ Part 2 – Site Inspection

Get a complete look at your EV charger installation requirements, costs and timeline to make better decisions.

  • Onsite Electrical Assessment
    Inspection of all electrical infrastructure to ensure it meets standards for supporting EV charging
  • Utility Readiness Assessment
    Inspection of all utility infrastructure to ensure it meets standards for supporting EV charging
  • EV Site Plan
    Outlines the best locations to install all EV chargers for cost efficiency and usage needs
  • EV Integration Proposal
    Proposal provided to perform construction and installation for all EV charging hardware
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Included at no cost with any EV Basics Package or EV Integration project.

Any EV Impact Study™ – Virtual Consultation and EV Impact Study™ – Site Inspection will be credited in full up to 10% of the purchase of any EV Basics Package and/or EV Installation.

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Installation Header Image

We help dealerships get their EV chargers up and running with oversight from our experienced team of EV experts that navigate the construction complexities to reduce costs and get it done right the first time.

  • Meet electrical and construction requirements
  • Proper EV charger installation and activation
  • Get utility service upgrades to use level 3 EV chargers
  • Future-proof design considerations
  • Help qualifying to receive financial assistance
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EV Charging Stations

Future Energy’s EV Charger Installation Service

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Site Engineering

Site design and engineering guide to meet strict requirements outlined in Future Energy’s Spec and Standard

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Project Management

Coordination and oversight of construction process

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Electrical + Construction

Future Energy oversees the electrical construction services to meet EV quality standards

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EV Charger Activation

Activation and configuration of all EV chargers

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Utility Service Connection

Ensure your utility service can provide adequate energy to operate all EV chargers

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Staff EV + Energy Training

Staff will receive EV charger operation and energy management training on new equipment

We work with any EV charger manufacturer and are partnered with the biggest names in the industry

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Dealership EV Charging Specifications book cover

Do it right. Don’t pay for it twice.

When an EV charger installation is done wrong it can cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to fix the mistakes. Future Energy is here to ensure you have the right design specifications, management and crew working on your EV charger installation so you can be sure you’re only cutting the concrete once. All EV charger installation projects follow Future Energy’s proprietary Dealership EV Charging Specifications created to meet the hardware, software, engineering and infrastructure requirements of your dealership for years to come.

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After EV chargers are installed and operational, we provide the services and software needed to keep them running smoothly and manage the energy they use to reduce your utility bills.

  • Monitor EV charger status and health
  • Manage EV chargers and their energy use
  • Lowering utility electricity costs
  • Quickly repair or replace EV chargers when needed
  • Inspecting on-site hardware
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Future Energy Interface dashboard

Future Energy’s EV Charger Management Services

Future Energy Interface

Energy Management + Smart Device Software

Interface software platform can connect all of your EV chargers and smart energy devices to help your business manage energy use and utility services to lower energy costs by up to thousands per month and keep your chargers and business running smooth.

  • Provides utility rate analysis
  • Automates energy-saving and energy use strategies
  • Provides higher EV charger uptime
  • Proactive operational support and maintenance
  • Improves EV business process efficiency
Future Energy Interface UI
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Data Visualization

Visualize and get alerts for property power usage down to individual hardware component

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Smart Automation

Analyzes power usage across facility and reduces power output from chargers to stay under threshold

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Business Intelligence

Enterprise and multi-level reporting and access for multi-site and business division management

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Software with a Human Touch

Behind every Interface software subscription is a dedicated energy manager that monitors your data to provide proactive maintenance support, automation development, utility service negotiations and other cost-saving strategies.

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Features you can’t find anywhere else

Unlike EV charger software, Interface software platform features take EV charger and energy management to the next level with capabilities
to measure and control energy use across your entire property, not just the chargers, leading to business operational efficiencies and energy cost reduction.

Software Platform Features EV Charger Software Interface
Basic EV charger controls and energy data
POS and cost-of-charge management
Charge scheduling and completion alerts
Connects and controls any EV charger manufacturer
Can control and automate thermostats, lighting, breakers and more
Whole-property, live and historical energy data visualization and reports
Whole-property energy load shedding and hardware energy limiting
Full utility integration, including electricity, gas and water
ESG (environmental, social, governance) compliance features
Dedicated energy support including utility management
Operational and strategic energy consulting
EV time-of-use utility energy rate optimization
Proactive and predictive maintenance scheduling and alerts
Can integrate with security and parking enforcement systems

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EV Hardware + Infrastructure Inspection Service

Get regular onsite inspections by an EVSE operation and infrastructure field specialist to ensure your EV equipment stays operational.

  • Hundreds of inspection points including wear and tear, corrosion, cables, seals, wiring, and more
  • Annual site visits and inspections
  • Seamless integration for maintenance and service tickets via Interface
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Take control of your EV chargers, and your energy.

You can run your business with peach of mind knowing that Future Energy has your back to help you manage your EV chargers and your energy without the headache.

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